Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today Gravy had her 2-month Well-Checkup.  The good news: she's growing well!  She's 12 pounds now (64th percentile) and 23.25 inches (80th percentile).  Woot!  The hard news: it was shots day.

I thought it was no big deal.  We are super pro-vaccine, and had no hesitations (and still don't).  But that didn't make it less hard to see her reaction.  The little look of shock as the needle went in, and then the awful cry I haven't yet heard.  I didn't realize I was crying until it was almost over.  WTF, motherhood?  This is crazy.
Someone needed lots of snuggles afterwards.

All is well, though.  I feel lucky to have such a healthy daughter thus far, and a loving spouse to be by my side.


  1. that last picture is perfection. i mean, really. it speaks volumes.